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America is a country built up by long distance movers. Our company offers you to explore new frontiers with ease and convenience. No more stress or worries over your voyage – simply get a moving quote, pick your service provider, and go for it. 

How to find out if you are getting the best moving quotes.  Reliable and Insured movers, Moving Quote

When you go online, you easily find a multitude of companies offering their services. How do you know from the very first look, whether their prices are truly competitive and services reliable? Here is a quick rundown of things to look for when evaluating a company for your long distance move:

-Short response times

Today, time is the most treasured asset. To avoid wasting it, work only with serious, customer-focused professionals. The best long distance moving companies respond to you the same day they get your request for quote. Or, at least, they set a clear deadline and say that they'll get back to you in three days or within 72 hours. 

-Personal contact 

Once you leave your contact information and your name, they should address you personally, instead of using the generic “dear sir or madam” salutation. They should call you by your name and show that they have read your request and the details you have provided on your future relocation, such as the destination, etc. Personal response may indicate that these people are highly professional and nice to deal with. 


The person contacting your should ask at last a few questions. It’s not enough to say: we’ve got it, we are good at it. No one can properly evaluate your needs and provide you with an adequate price for their services with just the basic information. True professionals always ask enough questions to make sure they can give you a competitive and realistic offer for the best moving experience ever. 

These three quick tips on moving company quotes may help you make an informed decision when choosing your movers and get a benchmark to measure their quotes against. 

Picking the best long distance moving companies 

 What to expect from a good and reliable long distance moving company? Choosing to work with the best in the industry may ensure hassle-free and easy moving experience, even a long distance one. Here are some characteristic signs of reliable professionals: 

-Realistic terms 

Some companies out there promise to move you in no time. Their deadlines are just too good to be true. Remember though: the more haste, the less speed. A lightning-quick move won’t matter much, if half of your things get broken or damaged in the process. 

Set up your own deadlines and match them against what is offered. Don't write off offers with slightly longer wait, if it's still acceptable to you. They might provide safer and overall better services in the end. 

-Personal interaction

Emails are not enough to properly evaluate your moving needs. A good moving company is likely to send their agent over to take a look at your house. They'd want to inspect things like your driveway and doorways and ask you some more questions. This is necessary for giving you their best offer with no hidden costs added afterwards. The cheapest is not always the best. If a company values and respects their clients, they would be willing to spend some time on paying you a visit. 


A professional long distance moving firm always has a safety policy. They should provide you with all the information on the type of insurance for your possessions. They might also give you advice on safe packing, loading and preparing your belongings for the relocation. They must be willing to answer your questions and do their best to keep all items being moved safe and in one piece.


Long distance moving can be a cause of anxiety, especially if it takes 5+ days. A modern moving company should provide you with a convenient phone or online tracking service. In the event any delay occurs, you can easily check the progress and current location of your possessions in the truck. 


The more of it you get, the less stress you experience. It is a good sign when the staff of your moving company is always within your reach, answering your calls or promptly getting back to you when you leave messages. Some things cannot be settled online. 

As you can see, these tips on long distance moving can help you make the right choice. Our company will gladly provide you with a clear, easy-to-understand quote, moving safety, great communication, and tracking service to watch the progress of your possessions on the way. Just contact us and make a quote request. We will get back to you very shortly and offer the best relocation services to make your move hassle-free and safe.